Osayi Alile, CEO ACT Foundation and Ndidi Nwuneli, Founder LEAP Africa & Co-Founder AACE Food Processing & Distribution will headline this first series. WISCAR presents a rare opportunity to hear unique and inspiring stories on their career journey; how they found their passion for development and the organizations that have nurtured these passions. As development practitioners also working in the business arena, participants will learn how they have successfully navigated the intersections of development, philanthropy and social enterprise, managing the various obstacles to growth which include fundraising and building lasting institutions, while at the same time balancing work and family. This event will provide a unique opportunity for the participants to learn several lessons and reinforce the importance of taking responsibility for their careers to move up the ladder and make a difference in their organizations. The Meet-A-WISCAR series is an initiative of WISCAR, a non-profit organization set up to mentor, coach and empower career women to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to their organizations and the nation.