#StartupSouth Digital Skills Training For Creatives is powered by the British Council under the Creative Hub Programme As part of the West Africa Digital Inclusion Project and the Creative Hubs Programme, #StartupSouth is hosting the Digital Skills Training for Creatives - a project for artists and creatives to develop and improve their understanding of digital tools and platforms available to enhance the creation, production, distribution and exhibition of their artistic outputs. Target Audience: Artists and creative entrepreneurs within the age range of 18 to 35. Artists and creative entrepreneurs include filmmakers, musicians and other music sector professionals, fashion designers and other professionals, performing artists, visual artists, architects, journalists and other broadcast professionals, advertising practitioners, publishing sector professionals and gaming or software designers and other practitioners. Objectives The objectives of the digital training would be for artists and creative entrepreneurs to: Develop the ability to effectively use digital tools and channels to communicate, create content, transact, solve problems and be safe and legal online. Increase their understanding of the various digital platforms that they can use at various stages in their artistic practice. Improve their knowledge to capitalise on the available digital tools to support their practice in the creation, production, distribution or exhibition of their work in digital spaces. Only 30 Spaces available so register via the link below to apply. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Registration Deadline - September 9, 2018
Digital Skills Training For Creatives