GBT Auditions: calling all aspiring​ singers, artists, dancers, comedians & creative talent. Have you got what it takes to be a STAR? GBT Auditions will be super #LIT Last month, was a tight and tense #BumperEdition..... GBT winner (August) RAP STORM will perform on the live platform #FullSet this month #LoudNProudLive GBT AUDITIONS - LoudNProudLive affiliated talent platform IS HELD MONTHLY on the mainland (3rd Thursday monthly)- The GBT Winner secures 'automatic' entry to perform the following month on the popular LoudNProudLive stage - a full live band solo set. Best of luck DJ LooneyTunz Entertainment at its best for everyone. Free entry Dress code: smart & audition ready GBT Auditions: Giving tomorrow's Stars a LoudNProudLive voice today every third Thursday monthly #‎SupportandCelebrateNewTalent