Harvesters International Christian Centre presents #Unbroken 2018 This Year's Singles and Married Conference. How do we bridge the gap between where we are now and where we used to be? Is it even worth the fight? Can my marriage still work? ______ Maybe it was infidelity, maybe it's just a lack of intimacy, communication, or sex. Whatever it was that happened has caused a strain in your marriage and it feels like you're holding on to a string wondering if it's worth holding on any longer. You don't know what to do at this point. You need help. ______ 'I like him, Can I propose to him? ______ We're inviting you to #Unbroken2018. At Unbroken, we would be discussing all of these pressing issues at our couples seminar (link in bio to register) l. You do not want to miss this because it just might be what you need to save your marriage. Tag someone you think needs to be at the conference.. #Harvesters #Unbroken2018 Brace up to have a time of your life at #Unbroken2018 #Harvesters #Lekki
UNBROKEN 2018: Singles & Married Conference