The Blueprint of HOW - The African Series with Mfon Ekpo "This has been penned down as one of the most strenuous yet exhilarating ventures I have undertaken for 2018!!! But I wouldn't trade having done it for anything. I wouldn't trade the minds transformed, the fears released, the tears shed, the laughter found, the will restored, courage reborn, purpose discovered and most importantly... The Dreams Birthed". From the desk of the discovery centre, Mfon Ekpo continues her journey to help individuals improve their life and ensure meaning in their activities. If you know you should be in the room ...please stop procrastinating and moving it to next year or convincing yourself for when it will come around again. That's classic , logical and crippling self sabotage . Find yourself in any of the next 3- (Abuja, Port Harcourt, Johannesburg). This Year! Register via the link below.
The Blueprint of HOW with Mfon Ekpo

Abuja, Nigeria