After the successful maiden edition of Reispar conference on Industry 4.0 last year, with the theme focus "Understanding the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - Key to Nigeria's Economic growth", this year promises to be tremendous as we dive into IoT for the Energy and Power industry. The Reispar Conference 2018 on Industry 4.0 is a one day free tech event on the Industrial Internet of Things. The Reispar Conference was created to promote digital technologies in Nigeria and to develop local content in the Industrial IoT and Industrial Manufacturing. Our core focus is on Industrial Manufacturing, this year (2018), the Reispar Conference will spread beyond manufacturing into other industries. Manufacturing and other related industries in Sub-Saharan Africa will not develop until we improve Power and Energy production and smart distribution. IoT is remarkably changing and improving the Energy and Power businesses worldwide in terms of Industrial Big Data Analytics, Asset Monitoring and Integrity, Artificial Intellige nce, Smart Grids & Smart Metering, and a whole lot more. Technology has virtually disrupted every sector, stakeholders in Africa should be well informed and equipped with IoT trends for the Power industry. This new trend opens a new market for developers, programmers, software engineers, Technologists, network engineers etc for the Power and Energy industry. Nigeria currently has Africa's largest power privatisation market which still requires more investment. Our Power-plants, Gas Turbines, Gas Engines, Steam Turbines, Solar plants etc can benefit from this new trend. This event is not restricted to Hardware Engineers and professionals (Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical etc) but open to the entire network and software tech community. This Conference aims to gather the best minds, young professionals. tech enthusiasts, developers, veterans etc as we brain storm on developing human capital for the Power and Energy industry tech wise. Come ride with us June 2nd, 2018 in collaboration with Brainiacs STEM & Robotics as we take you on an explosive, educating, stimulating, enlightening and highly interactive session on IoT for the Energy and Power. This year we shall be looking at these areas: IoT applications for the Power-plant industries –Digitising the Power industry Applying Industrial Big Data analytics for the Power industry –Predictive Maintenance, Improved Plant/Power Operations Introduction to Smart Grids, Metering and Smart Energy- Workshop on Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data Analytics for the Energy and Power (Data Prediction ) Off-grids projects for the Power industry- Improving maintenance and new technologies. Facilitators from the Tech and Power industry will be in attendance The Conference shall be on a first come basis due to limited seats available. Contact : for more details.
Reispar Conference on Industry 4.0 2018 - IoT for the Energy and Power Industry